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Craigslist Searches Delivered to Your Inbox

Nat and I are on the hunt for a leather ottoman. Some guy on Craigslist sold his after promising it to us, and its been hard to find another since.

With a search only returning six hits, what we really needed was Craigslist to notify us when new ottomans get posted. Craigslist won’t do this on its own, but with the help of FeedMyInbox, searching for our new ottoman became a whole lot easier.

There are just two steps to this trick:

  1. After searching for an item on Craigslist, copy the URL from the results page.

  2. Head over to FeedMyInbox and paste the URL where it says Website or Feed URL. Then add your email address and click Submit.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a CONFIRM link – don’t forget to click it. And that’s it! Sit back and watch new Craigslist results come straight to your inbox.

UPDATE (11/23/12): FeedMyInbox just announced they’re shutting down their service. They recommend Blogtrottr as a substitute, but I haven’t tried it out yet.