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Hooked on Instapaper

If there’s one browsing tool I like more than Safari Reader/iReader, it’s Instapaper. Reading articles during the day drives me to distraction, and Instapaper allows me to save off interesting stuff for later consumption.

To get started, head over to and register for an account. I recommend setting a password too, but it’s not required. Then click and drag the Read Later button to the bookmarks bar in your browser (that’s Chrome for Mac below.)

And that’s it! When you stumble across a long web article, just click that Read Later bookmark. Once you have time to read, open up Instapaper and click the Text button next to each story — they’ll show up without any annoying ads.

Finally, there’s an iPad/iPhone app for when you’re away from your computer. And Kindle owners can download all of their articles using the Kindle link on the right-hand side of the main site. So many options!