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How to Install iReader for Firefox

Mom, the last time I posted about Safari Reader you asked me if it’s something you could use.

Since you’re a Firefox user, you can’t use that exact feature, but there’s an add-on called iReader that works much the same way. By the way, Clark Howard uses Google Chrome now (I know you’re a fan.)

But no worries, Firefox is still a fine browser. And here’s my best attempt to walk you through installing something on your computer without logging in and doing it for you. :)

Here we go…

  1. Click here → iReader :: Add-ons for Firefox. That will load a separate tab with this in it:

  2. Click Add to Firefox.

  3. A warning screen will appear. You’ll have to trust me on this one. Click Add to Firefox again.

  4. Firefox is really paranoid with warning you about software. Read the text and click Install Now.

  5. In order to enable the add-on, you’ve got to restart Firefox. Luckily, there’s a convenient Restart Firefox button in the next window that appears. Click that button.

  6. Finally surf to any long web article like this one. You should see a little ‘R’ icon in the address bar. Go ahead and click it.

  7. Now enjoy easier reading and no ads.