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iPhone 4: To Upgrade or Not, That's the Question

Being between jobs this week has me with free time, and my iPhone 3GS is burning a hole in my pocket right now.

I’d love to upgrade, but I’m not too keen on signing another contract with AT&T–service in the DC area isn’t stellar. And Nat’s on Verizon (she gets free calls to her parents), and she’s not leaving anytime soon. My money’s on Verizon getting the iPhone sometime this year, but I’ll still be under contract for another six months at that point.

What’s weird is that AT&T’s offering to upgrade for only $18, even though I purchased my current phone less than a year ago. Used 3GS’s are going for $350 on eBay, so I could upgrade for nothing and only have the contract to worry about. This is the dilemma, and not having a job to occupy my time isn’t helping…


UPDATE: Maybe I’ll wait a little while, things aren’t exactly smooth sailing for AT&T today.

UPDATE 2: Looks like I waited too long…